They are unaware of the chaos in the outside world unless we pass it along. To them, the concept of change is constant. Everything is new and different, and they’re just expected to roll with it.

We could learn a lot from babies and their ability to observe, process, and adapt.

Every day they learn something new or try something difficult to test their limits.

They aren’t embarrassed to fail, they’ll just try again.

Certainly, they aren’t afraid to show you how proud they are to succeed.

They forgive and forget, wear their hearts on their sleeves, and aren’t bashful to express their feelings.

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Before our very eyes, children grow, and we marvel at the speed.

But, do we ever stop and think about the last time we’ve learned something new or celebrated our growth?

Do we genuinely forgive and release the grudge? Are we approaching new situations with curiosity and a willingness to understand?

We can learn a lot from babies.

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Marissa Banks

Marissa Banks is a mother of two young boys and a full-time sales professional. She has a gift of finding deeper meaning and humor in life's everyday moments.