When it’s your last baby . . .

The night feedings aren’t nearly as hard even though you’re exhausted and barely running on fumes.

You welcome the extra snuggles, the kisses on the forehead, the tiny fingers wrapped around yours, the time that seems to stand completely still while the rest of the world is sleeping around you.

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When it’s your last baby  . . . 

The crying isn’t nearly as scary. By now you know what comforts them the most, how to rock them lovingly in your arms with the perfect amount of bounce, what song to whisper into their ear, how to soothe them completely.

When it’s your last baby . . .

You realize you don’t need the entire baby store to keep them happy, just a few basic items and your love.

When it’s your last baby . . .

You understand you don’t have to be a perfect parent, that you can’t be. You just strive to point them to Jesus, our perfect Savior—and you find so much peace in that 

When it’s your last baby . . . 

The time goes by so much faster, the milestones come much quicker.

They seem to grow up right before your eyes. It hurts your heart but is also insanely exciting.

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You learn to treasure every moment. To not sweat the small stuff. To be intentional with your time. To show humility. To be strong when you don’t think you can be. To never miss an opportunity to say “I love you.”

When it’s your last baby  . . . 

You learn that there truly is beauty in every single season. 

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Roxy Neuenschwander

I am a dedicated wife to my amazing husband and a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful girls (2 and under). We will be welcoming #3 this Fall! I strive to live a life full of Jesus, joy and belly laughs!