We have to start normalizing mothers needing a break without making them feel guilty.

You are not a bad mom for needing a break.

You are not letting someone else raise your kids when you take a break.

You are not being selfish for needing a break.

What you are . . . is at your limit.

You’re emotionally, physically, and mentally drained because you have given everything you have to everything that needs you and then some.

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I know you wish you could do it all, but you’re trying to raise your children on empty when you don’t take a break.

Not only do we need to normalize moms taking breaks, but we also need to recognize when moms need a break.

She’s yelling.

She’s stressed.

She’s tired.

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She’s grouchy.

She’s always moving.

This is not her mothering style.

This is her signal.

Take a break. Give her a break.

Not time alone to catch up on laundry.

Not grocery shopping by herself.

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A break, something that recharges and relaxes and reassures her she’s going to make it.

And here’s the other side. It needs to go both ways for both parents. Dad needs a break, too.

It’s time, mama.

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Megan Hardwick

Megan Hardwick is a wife, mother of two, and full-time entrepreneur/marketer.