He asks me to watch him swing every day. 

Sometimes I watch him through the window as I make dinner.

Other times I pull up the little, blue lawn chair and sit in the grass.

I watch his hair blow in the wind. 

The sunshine on his face. 

His bare feet move in the sand. 

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We talk about our day. 

Our joys. 

Our world. 

Our maker. 

He starts off swinging slow but determined. 

With each movement, he gets faster, and he goes higher. 

I love seeing him rise. 

Reaching his potential. 

Not just on that swing but in all areas. 

Our rainbow baby. 

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He always amazes me with the smart and loving things his 5-year-old heart thinks and says. 

Those moments are my favorite

When we make up silly rhymes and spell lots of words. 

When we watch the sunset and talk about how even though it does the same thing each night, it’s beauty never disappoints us. Not ever. 

We talk about how we miss our people. 

I talk about the gift of having genuine relationships. 

People who make you better, who love without condition, who feel like a gift from God. 

We talk about how just like the swing, the right kind of thoughts, the right kind of actions, the right kind of people lift you up. 

Help you to go higher. 

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Today as the hubby and I looked out this window, we looked at him and then at each other, and smiled. 

It’s a common moment. 

Knowing we have been gifted this perfect little person who brings us so much joy. 

I see a boy who still has quite a few years left to depend on us. 

I won’t always be sitting right next to him, on the little blue lawn chair laughing about silly things, watching the sky glow, or talking to him about the good things in life. 

One day, his dad and I will be watching him from a distance, through a glass, or on a screen hoping we did our best to teach him the importance of always going higher.

Delia Nichole

Delia is an Arizona native, substitute teacher, and Director of The Art of Love. She has been happily married for 11 years and is truly grateful for her role as mom, stepmom, and foster mom! She enjoys hiking, reading, writing, and working on her home.