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You’ll Always be First

You’ll Always be First
Written by Sarabeth Stone

You will always be Mommy’s first boy to break into this world

with great strength, and vigor and LOUD, red-faced cries.

You will always be the first to keep Mommy awake

for most of a night just to snuggle and nurse.


You will always be the first to smile and giggle

when Daddy made funny faces for you.

You will always be the first to speak sweet words

like Mama and Dada and Maga and Papa.

You will always be the first to say things your way, like

“Sunshine is too loud! and

“Yeggs (eggs), geemanas (pajamas), Buddon (brother) and fliers (wings).

Alligator (elevator) and Misscadas (cicadas) and

“Mama, It’s Okay” with that tender touch only you can employ.

You will always be the first to ask for a hug

and perfectly, simply tell me of your love.

You will always be the first to stand up and walk

just a few steps wobbly right into my arms.

You’ll always be the first to suddenly have teeth

that bruised then broke forth and changed your sweet face.

You’ll always be the first to nurse one last time

before I kissed you and said our night, night.

You’ll always be the first to grab at my heart

and pull with such might I think it might break.

You’ll always be the first little boy that I missed

when you finally slept without any visits.

You may no longer be our only but you will always,

always and forever be firstborn, first laughs, first kisses,

first love rooted to the deepest parts of all we are.

About the author

Sarabeth Stone

Sarabeth Stone is a writer and public relations and external communications consultant ( She has a love for the written word and a passion to help businesses, entrepreneurs and even political candidates tell their stories in order to affect change, promote progress, and boost brand recognition.

Sarabeth also created a yoga series uniquely geared to local Mothers and women (@MumYoga Cols). In addition to being a Mother and wife, she loves to shop local, sail competitively, play on the floor with her babes and read a good book when she miraculously has a minute.