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I remember when we met like it was yesterday. You in your Wranglers and cowboy hat, I just had to ask you to dance. We’ve been together ever since.

I remember how you would call me every night, we talked for hours. We had our own special way of saying goodnight before we hung up, “Take care of you for me.”

The truth is the moment I  hung up, I couldn’t wait to talk to you again.

We lived so far apart, that the only time we spent together was on the weekends. I loved those occasional mornings when you would drop by my apartment on your way to work, just to say hi.

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I remember sitting out in the hot summer sun, braving the mosquitoes and ticks watching you work tirelessly on your car, boat, or whatever your current project was at that time. I didn’t care about those things, I just wanted to be with you.

I still want to be with you.

Our life may look different now, but we are still the same.

Buried under your 40+ hour per week job.

Buried under my homeschooling our four boys.

Buried under sports practices, playdates, helping our parents, and everyday things that always seem to pop up, we are still there. That boy and that girl who fell in love over 20 years ago. 

I couldn’t get enough of you or our adventures. Driving out to the lake to go camping and fishing. You’d roll your eyes at me each time I made you stop on the side of the road so I could help a turtle cross. But, you would always stop.

You were my best friend. You are my best friend. 

I want to spend more time with you, maybe someday.

In the meantime, keep waving goodbye to me in the morning as you drive off to work. Keep texting me on your lunch break to tell me you love me. Keep kissing me hello when you get home. And don’t stop holding me at night before bed. 

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One day our life will slow down. One day the kids will be gone. One day we’ll ask ourselves, “What now?”

Let’s do everything we can to make sure when that day comes we can say, “We decided to grow together.”

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Erin Dodson

I'm Erin Dodson. Wife to my fantastically hard-working husband and homeschool mother to four energetic boys. I enjoy writing and baking and can often be seen with my coffee cup in hand. A lover of everything autumn, cozy days are my favorite!

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