Submitted by Connie Jelkin

My Momma always told me to try new things. Be careful of course, but keep your eye out for something new and fun. I have always told my own children to “Expand your horizons”. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut.

Wellllll, following the family advice, I went out to an event that I have never been before.

(In your best announcer-in-your-head voice: “Ladies and Gentlemen, coming from just outside Kearney, using the number 921, it’s LAAAAAA – DEEEE  BOOKIN’ IT!!!” (Sound the applause)

We all went out the see the Kearney Roller Derby. My husband’s Mother’s cousin’s children (I know that sounds pretty red-neck, but there you go) were very involved, singing the national anthem (very well I might add) coaching the team (looking dapper) and even one player!! Who knew!?!

Our seats were great and we could see everything that was going on in the circle ring. Thank goodness, the folks at the arena took some time and explained to all us newbies just how the Derby works and how it is scored. I must admit, it did not keep a lot of it in my head, but it helped to have at least an outline.

Isn’t that little ref cute!! Shorts and a helmet and a camera on the helmet. This is quite a sport.

The rules keep the match pretty well under control and just as I was saying that it wasn’t as rough as I expected, BOOM down goes a player to the floor. We find out later that she broke her ankle. Yowsa, there was a lot more going on than this little novice could see.

It was interesting to see the players come into the crowd after the game and talk with their husbands and children. As my neighbor used to say, I ain’t never seen that before. It’s nice to see families going to places together, but I did feel left out not having a tattoo.

I called the Event Center, they can’t tell me when the season begins again. I’m going to be watching, though. LADY BOOKIN’ IT is looking for her black tights and skates.

Connie Jelkin

I have been a Librarian for over 25 years in both the public library and now in the school system. I really feel that it is important to teach kids the love of books and reading. That being said, I love going to all kinds of movies and plays with my husband, Jim. Everyone says that he is a very patient man.