Written by Jennifer Sill

One Minute Cake

That’s right. In the microwave for just 3 minutes.

My Mother-in-law found this one. It was great for the kiddos. I can also see it at a birthday party (cake decorating project), a girls night in or even a night at home when my husband is out of town. (Sigh. Relaxing.)

What you need:

-Box of Angel Food Cake

-Box of ANY other cake mix


-Any cake toppings you like


-Mix the Angel Food cake mix and the other flavor in an airtight container (so you can store it.)

-When ready for cake remember “3, 2, 1”

3 Tablespoons of mix

2 Tablespons of water

1 minute in the microwave.

Put it in a coffee cup. Stir. Microwave for a minute. Dump it out or eat it straight from the coffee cup when it is cooked.


Here’s the fun we had:


Mix two boxes of cake mix. One Angel Food and the other = any flavor.


Put 3 Tablespoons of the mix in a coffee cup or small bowl


Add Two Tablespoons of Water



Working with Grandma
One Minute


When it is done at the bottom of the cup.


Frost and enjoy!


**Note: These are not the prettiest cakes. But they sure are fun!


This “Pinspiration” is actually a recipe passed to me through my mother in law. The only link this week is to my other fun projects: Her Pinspiration

Jen Sill

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