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From the white dresses to the panty hose, there are some things about sorority life that after you graduate from college, you find yourself missing a little less than others. But then, you enter motherhood and realize that, oddly, your greek experience was just a precursor to your life as a mom, lending valuable lessons, knowledge, and doses of crazy from day one. 

Crazy talk, you’re thinking. I’m calling your bluff, you’re saying in your head. But it’s the truest of truths. Here are twenty-one ways that sorority life prepares you for motherhood…

1. Communal bathroom situations

This morning as I sat on the toilet and my three year old came in and showed me what was in his mouth and my 16 month old came in and said, “Ah ah ah” and then my six year old walked in and washed his hands, I was thankful for the sorority life stall chats preparing me for that very moment. 

2. Wearing sweats

Because rolling out of bed and heading out into the world in sweats or yoga pants isn’t just for motherhood. As a sorority girl, I could, and did, rock yoga pants with the best of them. They just didn’t have snot rubbed on them. And bonus, in both situations, when I actually wear normal clothes, or heck, even if I put on glasses, the people I live with think I’m dressed up.

3. Having other people’s stuff in my space

When I lived with 5 girls in a space the size of a Smart Car, I became very acquainted with finding random objects and items strewn about the room. Finding someone’s chem book on my desk or hairspray on my ledge was really no different than finding a Hot Wheels car tucked beneath my bed sheets or a snack bowl left in the middle of the stairs. 

4. 100 different personalities a day

Being surrounded by 100 different girls means seeing every single emotion in any given day. It teaches you to laugh. And to listen. And teaches compassion, patience, and humility. Being in company with a toddler is much the same. 

5. Constant interruptions

When I realize at the end of the day that the laundry is still half folded, or that my three year old’s right shoe has been left outside, in the rain, I have to remind myself that this is nothing new to my life. Because in the chapter house, there was always something more fun going on down the hall. Or someone needed my help perfecting their eye makeup. And in my grown-up house, my children need to be wiped. Are screaming bloody murder. Or are in need of snuggles. And it’s all good, because finishing tasks is overrated anyway, right? 

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