11. Everything can be a party

Seriously. Whether in parenting or sorority life, everything is worth celebrating. Or making a tshirt for. From the big things like birthdays to simply making it through another day. Even if it’s just toasting with your husband at the end of the day, sorority life teaches you that the small things are the big things. And parenting completely reinforces that truth.

12. The unexpected moments are often the best

The nights you stay up until 3 am chatting it up with the girl from 2nd floor. And the late night snuggles after your middlest has a bad dream. The giggles at Monday night meeting. The knock knock jokes at the family breakfast table. The way you feel watching your Sister perform a Britney Spears song. The feeling you get seeing your child hit the ball off of the tee. Same. Same.

13. Markers and paint can make all the difference

Having a bad day as a collegiate? Craft supplies and sheet and bim bam boom, you’ve got a banner to shake away the gloomies. Kids driving you to drink? Crayola to the rescue. Because every once in awhile, everyone likes to get crafty. No matter their age. 

14. Making up a bunk bed

The struggle is real. But four years of practice in college makes for an easier time at 4 am when you’re redressing the top bunk after the tummy bug has struck your six year old.

15. People always “borrowing” your stuff

Why is that girl wearing your shirt? The same reason your kid is using your toothbrush. 


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