6. Spoiling your littles

Through the greek experience, I  had the chance to take on “Littles” and spoil them rotten. As a mother, same rules apply. 

7. Random dance parties

The amount of time that I spent dancing in college was insane. As in insanely awesome. Because the only time for dance parties is ALL the time. As a mom, I find that dancing is a cure all for whatever ails the kids. And a great way to fit in some cardio. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re 8 months or 74 years, in your sorority house or your kids’ room, dancing is always a sure thing. 

8. Bodily fluids

Because sometime over four years of college someone is going to puke on you. Or you will puke on someone else. And sometime, as mom, you’ll find out the same. And then you learn that kid puke is way less offensive than drunken grown-up puke. And you’re just happy you know how to clean it up.

9. Costumes are always appropriate

Whether you are heading to Bikers and Babes or it’s a rainy Tuesday, there is always a reason to don a costume. Your sisters and children will adamantly agree. And participate.

10. Different houses, Different mamas

When you embark on your greek life, you meet all different types of people, from all types of backgrounds, different upbringings, and different views. Learning to embrace the differences between you helps you expand your horizons. Not much different than the discussions between mamas on breastfeeding vs bottlefeeding, cloth diapers vs disposables, or sleep training vs not. Being able to see both sides of the coin helps stop the mom-shame game. And helps you figure out new ways to tame your toddler, or quell your infant’s cries.


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