Four Ways to Become a Zen Master (And Be Healthier)

Wellness comes in many forms. A fit and flexible body. A wholesome and healthful diet. But arguably the most important element to well-being is a clear, comfortable mind. The brain controls the body, and when it’s in distress, the rest of you is too. To truly be healthy, you must first have mental health. There are so many barriers: stress, depression, anxiety, chemical imbalances, and more, but below are my top four tips for massaging your mind into a peaceful place.

4. A still mind has time to worry. The thoughts keep creeping in: upcoming tasks, past mistakes, drama and negativity. The worst thing to do is dwell on them, and one of the easiest ways to push them out is mediation. By now, we all know how to meditate; we just need to do it! Find a calm, comfortable place. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. In. Out. Count with it. I like to put on headphones and listen to ambient or instrumental music. “Black Milk” by Massive Attack is one of my go-to’s for relaxation. 

Yoga works even better since you’re moving, posing, holding. You’re focused on what you’re doing, focused on your body. It makes it so much easier to let go of the day. 

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Holden Armstrong

Holden Armstrong is the coordinator of Activate Buffalo County, a community health initiative that promotes active living and healthy eating as part of the Buffalo County 2020 Vision. Health resources, local events and activities, plus a lot of other cool stuff can be found at their website: Activate Buffalo County is powered by Buffalo County Community Partners.