Living with boys is like living in a zoo in the jungle, but wilder. Young boys have little bodies but fill up the whole house. Moms of boys have had to adapt. It’s dirtier, rawer, and sweeter than we expected. Here is what we love about our young boys.

1. Their haircuts
Nothing is better than the week after their haircut! Their hair barely needs a comb. They look so fresh and clean. Those adorable, side part hairstyles that make them look exactly like Daddy. In the mornings they wake up and their hair sticks straight up as they ask ‘what’s for breakfast?’

2. Their little super hero briefs
I almost died the first time my oldest son put on underwear. Both of us couldn’t have been prouder. Those briefs are so tiny and cute. My sons have ones with super heroes, trains and cartoon characters. They make their choice depending on the day’s mood. It is a very important decision.

3. They fight like hell but make up quick
If you have boys, you’ve witnessed WWIII. My boys deeply scratched each other’s faces on Christmas Eve. They sit on, wrestle, smack, punch, and swing at each other. Every 10 minutes there’s a war. I’ve seen my oldest mush his brother’s face in the beach sand. They scream at each other, red-faced and in tears. Oh, the horror, the anger, the betrayal! The next minute they are best friends, laughing hysterically about some inside joke. They run upstairs just as quickly, having already moved on to the next thing. I’m still reeling. They forget and forgive so quickly!

4. They love sports, just like Daddy
At first they were quiet while Daddy watched his games just to stay up a little later. Now they like to watch the games and know all the players’ names. Our teams are discussed at length at dinner. The boys love the backyard and beg to go out even when it’s drizzling rain. They throw or kick a ball around every chance they can get. They will play ball with anyone at the park. Even I have baseball and football t-shirts so I’m not left out. Everything is a game and also a competition.

5. The craziness in their pockets
Laundry day, you never know what you may find. I once found a baby turtle. I’ve found sewing pins, Canadian coins, rocks, sticks, and glass beads. Their pockets are crazy, dirty, savings banks of precious moments in their day. They stuff a wondrous thing they want to remember and then completely forget it.

6. They love their Mommy
Boys instinctively love their moms in a special, tender way. Maybe it’s the way they see their daddy treat us or maybe not. On walks, they pick me flowers. They tell me I’m “so beautiful”. They “check on” me when I’m in the kitchen cooking. I’m their special lady and they make sure I know it! Daddy lets them stay up late and gives them far more sugar. But who do they need to tuck them in and comfort them when they are scared? Mommy, of course. Always Mommy.

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Christi Terjesen

Christi Terjesen is the mother of three lively boys in New York. She keeps her sanity through daily walks, expensive wine, and good books. Check out her blog, Mental Stimulation for Moms at, and her playground blog,