A mother is someone who lightens the burdens of a long, weary day. 

She’s always there in the night, waiting to answer the call of a child or to soothe the heartbreak of a friend. 

She is kindness, love and joy, and she gives much more than she receives. Yet she counts not the debts owed her. 

She is the one abiding force that is constant, yielding neither to adversity nor pain, but seeming to grow stronger because of them. 

She is wisdom, truth, and beauty and from the depths of her eyes shines knowledge that will outlast time. 

That knowledge is passed down to her children and grandchildren and ultimately generations beyond her scope will be touched by her ways and traditions, and her goodness will last forever. 

A mother is so much more than words can say, being all that love is and was meant to be. 

A mother is God’s gift to mankind. 

Sharon Kennedy

Sharon M. Kennedy is a freelance writer from Brimley, a small town on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Sharon writes a general interest column for a number of local newspapers. She admits she’s a late blooming “Boomer” and tends to forget that most women her age are enjoying retirement while she’s embarking on a new career. After teaching English Composition at a local university, Sharon turned to her real love. Writing stories that tug at your heartstrings or make you chuckle is her hallmark.