It’s the start of sorority recruitment week at UNL today. I’m having a hard time believing that it was thirteen years ago that I went through rush! My sorority experience was so special to me and I have so many wonderful friends that I can also call my sisters. I’m jealous of those women who get to begin their journey tomorrow.

Even though I’m many years out of school, I still feel like the final weeks of August signal a fresh start. I have an inexplicable urge to turn my car into the Staples parking lot and stock up on fresh notebooks, colored Sharpies and begin the hunt for the perfect pen. If only my husband believed that fall signaled the need for new bedding as I believed it did in college.

There is something special about these weeks. You try to squeeze the last little bit out of summer but find yourself counting down the days until the first Husker game. Morning commutes begin to feature crosswalks full of kiddos and crossing guards.

My little guy is too young for school supplies, but don’t judge me if you see me stocking up on a few new things. Everyone needs festively colored post-its, right?

Take a cue from the school year and give yourself a reset for the fall. Colored Sharpies will do your morale good!

Are you ready for fall? Or are you clinging to summer with both hands? 


Chaaron is a Nebraska native who lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, RP, her son, Dash and her daughter, Pippa. By day, she's a program manager with a public charity in DC and by night, she is happily occupied with living room dance parties and dodging errant duplo pieces. She's terrible at updating her blog, but you can find her little slice of the internet at