When it comes to finding home accessories, there are so many resources.

Honestly, it can be VERY overwhelming.

So where do I go when I’m in search of a new item?

Simple = Etsy!

Now let me preface this by saying: I am not a spokesperson for Etsy. I mean wish I were! But, sadly, no, I am not. I’m just an avid creative constantly pushing myself [and our refuge from the storm]. Seriously, though, Etsy is the place to go, my friend. I have found so many “one of a kind” items that, well, I’ve kind of developed unhealthy feelings towards Etsy.

Are you listening, Etsy? Cause I am head over heels in love with you! Just kidding . . . [sort of].

Anyway, let’s do a little experiment:

  1. Please open an additional window in your web browser.
  2. Go to Etsy.com.
  3. Think of some household décor item you’ve been either searching for, pining for, or both.
  4. Type that item in their search engine.
  5. And voila! I bet you find one, or at least, multiple options for it.

Pretty cool, huh?! I know you might already know and love Etsy I like do, but I’ve noticed lately, when I’ve mention Etsy to some people, they have no idea what I am talking about!? Everyone MUST know about Etsy because it’s a wonderful blessing in a decorator’s world! And just in case you don’t believe me, here are some [not all] of the examples I have found for our place through Etsy:


I love, love, love wood stumps as side tables [guess it’s the Midwest in me] – I found this particular one at the Etsy shop: Real Wood Works!


You can never have too many metal trays. This one was just so “happy.” I bought it from the Etsy Shop: Aces Finds Vintage. I use it in our bedroom as a place to put all my perfumes.


I am about as avid of “Star Wars” fan as I am about anything vintage, so when I ran across this vintage “Star Wars” R2-D2 pillow on the Etsy Shop: Jet Set Vintage, I had to have it. [F.Y.I. – Dog was not purchased through Etsy 😉 but I love him just the same!]

“One should never be the oldest thing in one’s house.“ – Patsy Stone

Have fun click shopping [go wild!] and share your “Etsy” treasures with me at [email protected] – I love seeing what others buy for their Home Sweet Homes.

Jenna Carlson

Jenna is a Nebraskan transplant living in sunny San Diego, California. She is farm-raised, corn-fed, and knows more than she cares to admit about making a mean mud pie. Before moving out West in Spring of 2009, Jenna earned two music degrees from the University of Nebraska at Kearney while playing “on-air” host for Central Nebraska’s FOX affiliate, Fox 4 & 17. She’s filled the past four years of her life with small office jobs, auditions galore, and a few booked gigs. Along the way, though, Jenna learned some tough lady lessons about herself, falling out of love, and how to keep the happy/creative side to life. Now with her classically handsome boyfriend (yep, Cupid found her again) and their three, four-legged kids, she’s a part-time actor, full-time upholsterer, and witty blogger of Lucky Little Mustardseed: A Truthful Evolution of Self, Happiness, & Everything Creative in Between. Oh, and she loves oversized PJ’s. She does. She really, really does.