When you’re little, discovering the toilet paper roll is just a great day! Finding the cupboard that holds all those full rolls is like reaching nirvana! Forget toys, forts, and art supplies; toilet tissue is awesome! For a child, it is the perfect size to hold, the more you pull the more it rolls, and best of all it can be ripped up into itty bitty pieces!

Once up and walking, it didn’t take long for my little one to find the toilet paper roll hanging in the bathroom. We’ve lost a handful of brave, dutiful rolls at the hands of a curious little human all in the name of exploration. There have been plenty of times I’ve attempted to gather all the usable shreds to keep in a tub to use at a later date. But alas, our little one always finds it to make a mess of that as well. Somehow after the umpteenth time of cleaning up shredded TP off the floor, it dawned on me that little ones are a lot like toilet paper.

Babies are like Toilet Paper   www.herviewfromhome.com

1. They are more expensive than they should be. We just don’t bat an eye at spending $18.99 or more for a package of toilet tissue nor spending that kind of money on a small squeaky giraffe.

2. There are all sorts of different types. Some are fluffy and others are thin while some are longer compared to another!

3. Both fall apart quickly. Whether it is doing the job or comes into the grips of a little one, TP quickly disintegrates. This pace is comparable to the speed of a toddler meltdown after telling **ahm—retelling** them they can’t bang a cell phone against Mommy or Daddy’s head.

4. They make you clean. Toilet paper needs no explanation. Children make you clean. And then you pick up some more mess after that. And then when everything is clean, they wake up from a tiny 10 minute nap and the process begins again.

5. They make life more enjoyable. Imagine a world without our favorite bathroom companion. Now imagine a world without your favorite bathroom spectator. Your world would be completely different without either one.

6. It is gone in the blink of an eye. That menacing empty roll hangs once again. The time with our children is gone before we know it. Somehow they both vanish so quickly.


Is it possible to get emotional when comparing the similar characteristics of babies and toilet tissue? Of course it is. Babies and toilet paper make living a heck of a lot better.

Kara Stevens

Kara Stevens is the wife to a wonderful Marine and mommy to beautiful little boys in Central Nebraska. Besides her growing family, her loves include the outdoors, cooking, writing, and spending time in prayer!