Other moms make me envious. This envy stems from admiration though. I have these visions of your life and it makes me want to strive to be a better woman, wife, mother and friend. When I look at you I see superheroes. You are mentally placed into categories. I hold you to high standards. I just know that you are doing everything right. I wonder if you see yourself the way I see you.

Fashion Mom: You ladies are dressed to the nine. Whether it is carpool, the grocery store or running errands you look marvelous. All the time. I often wonder if you sleep in makeup or have a celebrity stylist because I never see you look bad. When you dress down you still totally rock it. I love these moms. Last week I was running late and drove my kids to school in long johns, mismatched fluffy socks, a robe and crazy bed hair. I prayed that no one saw me.

Fitness Mom: You gals are the gym rats with hard bodies. Yoga pants are your friends. Your legs are tone and your abs are tight. You know the importance of working out for your mind and body. You are committed. You wake up before the sun and squeeze in a workout. You look and feel amazing. Your are inspiring. I wish I had your drive. Instead I am a yo-yo gym girl. I work out for several days in a row and if I miss one day then all is lost. I don’t push myself if I am alone at the gym. I usually need a buddy. I own lots of yoga pants however I use them for cleaning, shopping, lunch dates and more. Yikes! I am THAT mom. Yoga pants offender!

Homestead Mom: You are a rare breed in my book. You have kids but your house looks like a model home. You do not have a housekeeper and manage to keep things in perfect order. Your taste is impeccable. You don’t mind if friends ‘drop by’. You never leave a dish in the sink or a crumb on the floor. Your kids’ keep their beds made and put away their toys and laundry every morning. I hate you but I love you at the same time. When I leave your house I feel the need to clean when I get home. I cringe if someone rings my doorbell. I have dust bunnies that require cages. My toilets are science projects and the sink is never empty. Never. Ever.

Crafty Mom: You are the trifecta of awesomeness! You can bake, sew and build. You have a creative mind. You are the brains behind Pinterest. Your child comes home and reminds you that they need a costume for school the next day. You knock it out that evening and even make extra treat bags for the entire class. You may not have the cleanest house because you are too busy creating. Your kids ask for a lemonade stand so you build it. And you sell organic freshly squeezed lemonade. I envy your brain! My projects end up on ‘nailed it’ or ‘what not to do’. We use powdered lemonade with a few lemon slices thrown in to trick our guests. 

Fun Mom: The hostess! The party thrower. You take a heard of kids to the amusement park. You throw big pool parties and invite the entire grade level. You don’t mind chaos. Your are the ‘cool mom’. I thought I wanted to be the fun mom when my kids were little. I quickly realized I don’t like other peoples children enough. I throw a party and my anxiety level hits orange. Kids having fun look like liabilities to me. 

Teacher Mom: You ladies have the patience of Job. You are organized. Your kids do well in school because of this. Their projects are on time and usually phenomenal. You may not be a teacher but you think like one. You may even home school (God bless you). You look forward to snow days and schedule your day with fun activities. I try to be organized for my children. However, we are usually doing book reports and science projects the night before they are due. I leave parent/teacher conferences feeling like a failure most of the time. Teacher moms are the bomb!

Corporate Mom: You run a tight ship. You are financially sound. You can juggle work, home, kids, and others pretty efficiently. You may even own your own business. You know your self worth and are a confident person. You also have a pretty great wardrobe. You are my hero. You work long hours and come home and put forth just as much effort for you family. I work 1 full day a week. Usually after my 11 hour commute/work day I crash. Hard. 

Chef Mom: You cook for your family at least 4-5 days a week and it tastes good. You pack lunches, make great snacks for play dates and eat healthy most days. You meal plan. Your kitchen is always clean and put together. Your friends compare to you Rachel Ray. My saving grace is carryout and the precooked chicken/sides at the grocery store. I eat healthy for a week then get ‘too busy’ to plan ahead. When I do try to cook outside the norm my kids protest. Pizza is our friend. 

Do you see yourself ? If you are like me you probably don’t realize your awesomeness! Please know you are rocking YOUR mom role. I salute you! If anyone ever tells you differently tell them to “go kick rocks.” Most days we are all winging it just a little and that’s alright. Because in the end our kids are loved and cared for and we moms have each other. 

Cheers to us moms!

Kathy Rau

Kathy is raising four beautiful children with her husband, Mark. She loves living in the historic area of Fredericksburg, VA. For over 20 years, Kathy has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician and currently works part time in emergency and radioiodine medicine. Kathy runs a small business called Your Girl Friday, FXBG. Kathy has been blogging for less then a year but loves to share her stories. She has been published on Her View From Home, The Mighty, America Adopts and has had a variety of other guest posts. Her niche is Motherhood, Friendship and Adoption. You can find Kathy at: www.yourgirlblogs.com IG: krau67 Twitter: @kathyrau Facebook: Your Girl Blogs.