I’m pretty sure Katy Lynn McDonald is smirking in her obituary photo.

And after reading the words printed alongside her twinkling eyes, it’s pretty easy to see why she’s suppressing a chuckle.

Because the obit Katy’s kids wrote for their dearly departed 80(“we think”)-year-old mother is serious #momgoals.

The memorial is an endearing mix of humor and sentiment about a wife, mother, and friend, and it’s going viral. 

The obituary starts out with a bit of timely election-season humor: 

“Katy Lynn McDonald escaped this mortal realm on December 14, 2019. She was 80, we think. The family believes she did it on purpose to avoid having to cast another vote in the American elections.”

It goes on to describe Katy as full of charm, wit, and love: 

“She was simply an amazing gal, part saint part sinner all bundled up into one marvelous package. If you were fortunate to have met her, you’d have liked her immediately . . . she was just that kind of person.”

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The kids write that their Southern mama was, unsurprisingly, a great cook: 

“Her chicken and dumplin’ recipe was, as Tina would say, simply the best—a remarkable meal. Her recipes were used to feed thousands of patients when she worked as a dietary professional at Red Bank Hospital. Her cornbread was a favorite among patients and employees of the hospital—the recipe is untouchable… seriously, we can’t find it. If anyone has a copy, please let the family know.” 

In addition to her service in her domestic and civic life—PTA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and her church all get mentions—Katy “did a whole lot of other things for us when we were kids, but we were too busy to make notes (sorry Mom).” 

Every mom can identify with that admission, right? The kids did go on to thank her for all she taught them, so even if they didn’t take notes, they certainly soaked up her instruction and love.

Katy was described as happily married and an animal lover, although you maybe wouldn’t have wanted to go rummaging around in her freezer: 

“She was preceded in death by the father of her four children, Charles Alan McDonald, whom she loved to her dying day, and her beloved family pets[…]most notably, Jack her darling mutt who once lost his tail in an unfortunate accident, whereupon Mom saved the tail in the freezer ‘…just in case…’ (go figure).”

A mother is nothing if not prepared, right?!

The piece continues with what seems like a good glimpse into Katy’s own wry sense of humor: 

“She left behind a lot of old stuff that her kids don’t know what to do with. Anyone interested in some knickknacks, a bell, some art books, gardening tools, a couch, or old jewelry. Please wait the appropriate amount of time to reach out. Tomorrow should be fine.”

And the obituary ends with a request tired mothers everywhere—even those of us left to suffer through the next year of campaign commercials—can get behind: 

“Finally, the family asks that in lieu of flowers, please write your congressman and ask for the repeal of Day Light Savings Time. We think Mom would like it if we were all on the Lord’s Time.”

Amen, McDonald kids. A-freaking-men.

Here’s hoping Katy is wearing that smile in heaven as thousands of us enjoy a little slice of her joyful life. 

Read the obituary in full here

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