Hidden deep in Northwest Nebraska, not far from Crawford is Toadstool Park. Small, not terribly convenient, and without any real personnel (although I am sure someone checks on it) it has an otherworldly charm. I had to remind myself I was still in Nebraska while hiking around Toadstool Park. This is a very unique spot and is definitely worth the drive to this fairly remote site in far northwestern Nebraska. Unlike anywhere else in the state, this site is all about geology and strange rock formations. Hiking around this wonderful part of Nebraska I was so rewarded with a geologic wonderland of very interesting rock formations, many of which resemble giant toadstools.

Sidney is a small town with so many interesting old placse that I fell in love with while driving around and taking photos. This photo is one of my favorites, it just shows that small towns keep about anything and are willing to share history with the town and those who visit…
This photo was taken while I was teaching my photography class at Yanney park.  Yanney is one of my favorite places to take sunset photos. I never come home with the same photo due to so many different things going on at this wonderful place.

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Catrina Gray

Inspiration sparks imagination. Imagination sparks creation. Creation leaves a legacy that inspires the same creative cycle to repeat itself. Every image has a story. Every photographer is a visual storyteller. It is through their stories that they capture through their lens that inspire people. In today's technological world, the organic essence of life experience seems to be vanishing virtually before our eyes. Life is not meant to be experienced vicariously. My hope is that by sharing my images, they will inspire actual adventure, awareness and empathy. Through my photography I intend to share the beauty of the character of the people I encounter, and ultimately help my clients achieve their vision. My on going mission is to explore the limits of the camera, constantly strive for new solutions and ultimately to create images that inspire, provoke thoughts. evoke emotion and rekindle the natural spirit.