Several years ago, Leslie called me up and invited me out for dinner and some drinks – to talk about a crazy new idea she had.

I was skeptical. I almost didn’t make it.

I was on ‘vacation’ in Nebraska with my parents. My 2-year-old was sick. My baby was needing to sleep – and he never slept through the night. On my way home from the clinic with my 2-year-old and my sister, I stopped by for a ‘drink’. My sister watched a movie in the car with the 2-year old. Inside, Leslie and Heather told me all about their plan for a website – for women, by women, about women.

That night I said, “I don’t think I have time for this – with a baby and a 2-year old.” Someone said, “Isn’t this when you have the most time?” I may have laughed. I may have even rolled my eyes. I’ve thought of those words A LOT this past few months. Turns out, several months later – she was right. Time is slipping through my fingers. In fact, my kiddos (who only get 30 minutes of TV a day) are watching a cartoon so I can write this.

And so, after careful consideration, I have decided to step down from my role as owner/manager of Her View From Home.

It feels a little like a decision to cut out part of my heart and soul. 

Leslie has gone from someone I used to work with to one of my VERY best friends. We’ve been in ‘the trenches’ of this web world together. We’ve learned SOOOO much. There were months, seasons… maybe even years where we didn’t go a day without talking to each other on the phone. And we have a ‘secret’ online hangout where we talk – probably too much. My grandpa died the day before we made our big presentation for this site. I think my eyes are pretty puffy in the photos of us ‘winning’ that competition. Leslie was there for me. We’ve laughed, cried and poured every waking moment we have into making Her View From Home a success.

It is growing.

I want it to continue to grow. I just can’t dedicate the time needed to help it grow. I’m happy that there are at least two wonderful women behind the scenes who have some time to put into this baby. Jacey and Taylor will probably have to do more. We also have dozens and dozens of wonderful writers – some new writers coming up this month. AND – Leslie is planning to give the site a fresh, new look. I’m confident that Her View will continue to grow and change and be a wonderful place for ‘happy’ to live and spread. You can bet I’ll be reading it. I will also be sending in a few stories here and there. Mostly freezer recipes. Those are my favorites. AND – I plan to come back some day. When time slows down. (Is there anyone laughing? Rolling their eyes at that?)  

So – I say “See ya soon!” instead of “Goodbye”.

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Jen Sill

For nearly 15 years Jennifer spent her time clawing her way up the chain as a television producer and newsroom manager. She's helped create and produce newscasts and talkshows. Just as she was realizing some of her professional goals, she decided to give it all up for a family. Although Jennifer has lived in Miami and L.A., she has always called Nebraska home. She always knew she wanted to raise her children in the Midwest. Jennifer is now trying to find her way in a new world. She may be frenzied and frazzled sometimes, but she would not give up being a mom to her almost four year old and her almost two year old for anything.