We’re beer snobs and it’s all Colorado’s fault. Now I’m not saying I would turn down a cheap, flavorless beer. Unless it’s Bud Light, of course. That’s garbage water. But when we moved to Nebraska this was a major concern. All of our favorites weren’t available out of state and I mean, did they even have beer in Nebraska? Well turns out yes, Virginia, there is beer in Nebraska and it’s not bad. Not bad at all.


We went to Blue Blood Brewing Co. last Saturday. All of the experts seemed to be into beer flights so we pretended to be pros and ordered one too. 5 testers for $5-7. The Wicked House Farmhouse Ale is by far my fave. Gunnar disagrees but he is wrong.


We lucked out and happened to be there for one of the usual Saturday brewery tours. This was excellent. We were super impressed with their operation, they are experimenting with all kinds of weird stuff (e.g. chocolate/mint beer) AND you got some free beer out of the deal. A+++. I got a gold star for asking about sour beer (have you tried it?). It’s strange and very delicious. Turns out Blue Blood is testing out some sour beers too. Just one of many reasons we will be back.


You know what they say, through the lips, straight to the finger tips. Proof that the camera adds ten pounds… to my hand. And while the logo placement is spot on, I’m afraid with these monsters my dreams of becoming a hand model will never come true.

Carrie Christensen

Hi, I'm Carrie! I reside in the lovely Lincoln, Nebraska with my husband Gunnar, cat Mr. Bibbs, and dog Brodie. We are new to Nebraska, hailing from Colorado, originally from the Midwest, and happy as clams to be back in the land of four seasons. When I’m not blogging you can find me working at my dream job at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, cooking vegetarian food, traveling, bicycling and canoeing... at the same time! Glad you’re here!