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My heart raced. The thumps were so loud I thought it would pulsate straight through my chest. I looked down at my fingers intertwining them for a distraction.  

I tried imaging I was anywhere other than this room, her dining room. Slowly, the images marqueed across my conscious thoughts.

I was sunbathing on a soft, vibrantly colored towel on a sandy beach.

I was analyzing each possible correct answer on a multiple-choice test.

I was pulling windblown hair out of my eyes riding in a passenger’s seat on a country road, windows down, of course.

Her inquiry, though, pulled me back into real life.

Relaxing in her favorite hardwood seat across the room, her eyes glared into mine, “So, what are you doing these days?”

My thoughts vacated my brain. The ability to provide reasonable statements regarding my current being and recent contributions to society collapsed. With my jaw cemented in place, I silently stared.

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Moments passed, and I finally dug up some things to say.

I tried to share my highly sought leadership awards, career moves, and social engagements with the most exciting and intriguing details I could muster. I listed my proudest moments of the year and times I stood on stage holding evidence of recognition. Even with all the effort, I had a fleeting second of hope that her reply wouldn’t be expected, but sadly, it was the same as it always was.

Her deep breath packaged with sunken shoulders and an eye roll told me everything I needed to know moving forwardshe was not pleased.

I would strive so desperately to make her happy.

I wanted her love. I wanted her satisfaction. More than anything, I just wanted her approval. Unfortunately, years later, I still haven’t received it.

Can you relate?

Friend, there will always be someone never content with you.

Your degree won’t be satisfactory.

Your looks and physique will not meet their criteria.

They will dislike your husband and fuss about your kids.

The food you cook, the decorations you hang, and the quality of your actions will forever be wrong but don’t dwell in the criticism or wrap your identity in their pity.

You are God’s. You are chosen, loved, and secure in Him.

Most of all, you are enough.

You are enough, folding laundry and washing dishes.

You are enough, landing the sale or promoting the business.

You are enough, finishing math homework or submitting the exam.

You are enough, holding your husband’s hand as he prays, and you are enough as a daughter of the Most High.

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Don’t tread around wearing an emotional banner of projected cynicism and defeat. Live trustingly in the promise that no matter what is said to you or about you, there is One who provides abundance in lack, blesses when you hear curses, and shines light in seasons of darkness. Keep moving even when your knees lock and the words sting. Focus on your next goals.

Pray when you want to pout.

“The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing” (Zephaniah 3:17, ESV).

Remain encouraged in the song of His voice not downcast in Satan’s snares. In this life, complaints are guaranteed. Insults are inevitable. Rude people exist, and there will be times when you are overlooked. Always remember, though, that when people are overlooking you, the One is looking over you and His opinion outweighs it all.

You can stay stagnant in their sarcasm or push past it to purpose. The choice is yours but always remember, you are enough.

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Leah Hadder

Leah Hadder is a former internationally recognized pageant queen. Now retired from competition, she shares about the love of Jesus as a speaker, writer, and content creator for Pastor Paula White Cain's "Life Network for Women." She resides in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Contact Leah at www.leahhadder.org.

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