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Dear working momma, 

Listen, I see you. I know you are just getting to work, but you have been up for three hours doing other work.

You’re hustling the household, getting yourself ready, packing, driving, dropping off, and already planning for the evening pick-up along with the avalanche of snowballing tasks that follow. You’re hoping nobody in the office notices you spilled coffee on yourself or that you are wearing dated clothing. You are busy and tired, and while your kids have more than the basics of what they need, you don’t always have the energy to muster up what it takes to shop for you. I get it. It’s expensive and exhausting, all wrapped up in one outing that you choose to delay. 

I’m here to tell you I see you. I see your hard work, your passion, and your love for what you do. 

I see that you are a brave, strong mom. 

I see you taking care of your partner and taking care of yourself in ways like sipping water, taking a few moments to collect your thoughts in the car, talking yourself into making the walk from the city parking lot to the office. You shift your focus. 

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I see you doing your best when others doubt you. Sometimes, you all too easily doubt yourself. 

I see you continue to work hard knowing more than half of your paycheck is already spent in childcare; yet, you show up anyway. 

I see you want the best for your family, better than you ever had it.

I see you. 

You stopped at the Starbucks drive-thru desperate for a caffeine boost, but now you feel a little guilty for spending extra cash on a special cup of coffee as you head toward the second part of your day. 

But at the first sip, you decide it’s a little bit of joy in your day so you enjoy it anyway.

I see you texting an old friend and mailing a sympathy card. 

I see your genuine heart thinking of others and finding ways to be extra kind and caring to others around you. You are a good friend.

I see you. 

Each day, I hope you see yourself too. 

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You juggle your calendar like a pristine circus juggler. You flex your superb ability to pivot during unexpected delays and days off school because of sick kids and fickle weather-related changes. You do it with grace, and sometimes, not always perfect. 

But, I want to tell you it’s OK.  You are amazing. You are a strong mother. You are a builder of resilience.

You doubt yourself but don’t—remember that you are growing. 

I have to tell you . . . your hard work will pay off. 

You are raising resilient kids. And you know what? In the process, you are becoming resilient too.

I see you.

Keep going, dear working momma. You are doing the most important work before getting to work at the office. 

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