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How many millions of brothers have grown up playing football against each other in their backyards? It’s impossible to know, really—but if you had brothers or are raising boys, you’ve probably seen a few of those pick-up games yourself. 

Sometimes, the little boys tossing around the pigskin grow up to realize the dream of playing in the NFL. In Donna Kelce’s case, that dream became a reality times two: son Jason Kelce plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and son Travis Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

And in two weeks time, those two teams—and Donna’s two boys—will face off in the NFL’s biggest game

Talk about splitting a mother’s heart right down the middle! 

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It’s the first time in NFL history brothers will face off against each other for the Lombardi Trophy. That makes Donna the first mother to have to sit in the stands of the Super Bowl and genuinely be split on who to cheer for.

“It’s elation but also someone’s going to come out a loser, and that’s going to be rough,” Donna told sports reporter Omar Ruiz in an interview. “But there won’t be any fisticuffs!” 

The internet is delighting in the added family element to the upcoming game, because who wouldn’t? 

We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to find out which brother gets to claim bragging rights and hoist the trophy with his team as Super Bowl champs.

No matter the final score, one thing’s for sure: 

“My mom can’t lose,” Travis Kelce quipped after his Chiefs became AFC Champions on Sunday. 

And it’s safe to say we’ll all be cheering everyone’s favorite proud mom as she realizes that really cool boy mom dream alongside her sons.

Good luck to both teams! 

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