To the woman who is struggling to love what she sees in the mirror. 

To the woman who refuses to buy new clothes until she reaches her goal weight. 

To the woman who just gave birth and is having a hard time recognizing who she sees in the mirror. 

To the woman who gave birth years ago and wears the scars from carrying her babies daily. 

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To the woman who doesn’t quite feel like she will ever measure up with what she sees in the media. 

To the woman who questions her own beauty because of the inches around her waist. 

It’s OK to struggle. 

Buy something new for the body you have NOW. 

It’s OK to take time to get to know the new you

Your scars are forever keepsakes of the beautiful children you carried. 

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The media does not measure what true beauty really is. 

The inches around your waist do not define you. 

We can learn to appreciate our bodies while we are learning to love them.

Loving our bodies is not a definite destination we reach. It’s a choice.

It’s a daily decision to get up and show ourselves grace in spite of our flaws. In spite of the things about ourselves we may feel are less than attractive.

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True beauty comes when you learn to appreciate all your body has done for you in the exact form it’s in right this very moment. Don’t wait! Don’t wait for a number, don’t wait for an inch gone, don’t wait until anything . . . love and appreciate your body now.

Because whether you realize it or not . . . you’re pretty amazing just the way you are.

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Miranda Woodruff

Wife. Mother. Michigander. Navigating and laughing her way through life as a new mama.