To the helpers.

To the ones who live to love, support and fix others.

You are so important. Your soul is so beautiful. There is so much of Jesus that shines through you.

But I know it gets heavy sometimes.

I know you feel yourself flattening by everyone else’s emotions.

And I know how scary it is for you to be vulnerable. I know how terrifying it can be to break down. Because if you are weak, who will be strong?

After all, that’s your job. Isn’t it?

Friend, you were never meant to carry all this alone. 

You were never meant be put in the spot of God.

And you may have never asked to be in this position, maybe you have just found yourself here.

I want you to know it’s OK to be weak, too. Just like everyone else.

The world won’t come crashing down when you do, because the world doesn’t rest on you.

It rests on Jesus, and He’s got it.

He is proud of your heart. He loves your servanthood.

He also wants to free you from needing to always be strong for everyone else.

He is plenty strong for them and He loves them, too.

To the carriers, the world needs you. But you need to be carried sometimes, too.

This post originally appeared on The Unraveling by Kelli Bachara


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