I love the crisp, sunny days of fall. I love the windy days that blow hundreds of leaves off the trees. But I think I love the rainy  days the best.

Last week we had one solid rainy day. I didn’t have to go anywhere, so Isaiah and I enjoyed a day at home by the fire. There’s just something about having a hot drink in your hand while knowing it’s cold outside.

I ventured outside to take pictures during a lull in the rain. The fresh, wet air was invigorating and I was glad to be outside for a bit… but I was just as glad to be able to go back inside when I was done!

DSC_6030 Happy Fall everyone!

Rachel Gnagy

Rachel Gnagy is a wife, mother, photographer, coffee lover, and book nerd. She and her husband, Samuel, have four precious children, two boys and two girls. Rachel is a work-from-home-mom, running a small photography and graphic design business. She has been writing for Her View From Home since 2012 and loves the opportunity to communicate with other women. http://www.inscribedphotography.com/ https://www.facebook.com/InscribedPhotography