A part of me will always be that fatherless child. 

The girl with braids sitting on the porch waiting for a visit from her dad that never happened. 

The girl who thought maybe he loves me now, only to have him disappear again

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The girl who thought that if I could be the best at everything maybe he would realize how amazing I was. 

The girl who became a young woman who accepted less than what I deserved because I didn’t think I deserved much. 

The young woman who, when I finally felt love from a man, questioned whether I was worthy. 

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The woman who, when I wasn’t protected or respected, thought maybe this is it for me.

The young woman who didn’t realize that my true Father thought I was worth dying for.  

Who didn’t realize He was there sitting with me as a child waiting on that porch, holding me together as I allowed men to break me as a young woman, and is still with me as I walk deeper into my purpose today.

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Jasmine Davis

Jasmine is a house flipping, homeschooling, IVF mom of four. She enjoys traveling the world and experiencing different cultures with her husband and children. Her mission is to spread the love of Christ and invites the world into her heart through her Facebook blog Marriage and a Baby Carriage.