Walking through the streets of a small town that you use to run around in gives you this sense of comfort. The ground that you have walked on, the houses you have passed, and the familiar faces smiling at you reassuring you that you can make it in this crazy world because you have already gone so far. This summer my class celebrates our five year reunion and to me that seems like it was a decade ago! Even though I know it isn’t and it’s probably crazy to celebrate only five years out of high school, but I still believe it will be interesting to see where all of my classmates are so far in their lives.

Many of us have lost contact with each other over the years. Whether it be the distance, or because people just didn’t care to keep in touch (like we all promised,) I can’t wait to see everyone and hear all of the stories from our past. Like the time it was our junior year and we had to set up for prom and the boys sucked helium out of the balloons while singing the chorus to Taylor Swift “Love Story.”

Being a small class of 14 (10 guys, 4 girls,) we were all really close and I still consider some of them my best friends. With all of the time we spent cruising around the back roads of Merna, and all the tanking trips, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my time growing up with anyone else!

I became really close with my classmates my senior year when they helped me go through one of the hardest times of my life. I lost my boyfriend in a car accident right before our senior year. It was really hard on me and they made an effort to show me that I wasn’t alone and that I had someone to support me even if I felt like falling. During the school hours right before History, the girls and I would ditch scholarship preparation to go sit in the locker room just to talk. It was where I felt the closest to them and could really open up about what I was going through. It helped me feel less alone.

The boys were also trying to make me feel comfortable and secure even if they didn’t really say they were. I could feel the change and though sometimes I would push my classmates away they never left my side. To this day, even though I know we have drifted apart, I still believe they would be there for me if I needed them. It is great to look back and see what kind of support system I had in those friendships.

Most of us now have begun new relationships, some are married, and others have taken the next step of the relationship and have put a ring on it.

With all of the new adventures we are taking in our lives, it will be nice to take a moment and reminisce with all of the people that I hold so many memories of.

Class motto: And in the end, it’s not the years in our lives that count. It’s the life in our years.

Brittany Province

Hi my name is Brittany Province, and I am a senior at Chadron State College earning my degree in communication with an emphasis in public relations. I aspire to be an event planner focusing on weddings. Currently I am jumping from one minimum wage job to another and trying to keep up with my homework. I have two lovely dogs and a boyfriend of two and a half years who stands behind all of my big dreams! Some of my hobbies include blogging, walking my dogs, and keeping up with my favorite fashion bloggers.