My mom always said she loved giving birth, and she’d do it over and over again. Each time she said that, I thought she was crazy.

Giving birth is scary. Giving birth is painful. Giving birth is messy.

Eighteen hours of labor, one epidural, two and a half hours of pushing, an episiotomy—that’s what I went through. My husband, nurses, and doctors (yes, doctors because I labored through three shift changes) were wonderful.

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One thing was missing, though, my mom. I remember thinking about her the whole time I was pushing and wishing she was with me. I also remember cursing at her in my mind for saying giving birth was an amazing experience and she’d do it over and over again.

I was terrified. I was in pain. I was tired.

And then he was born. My perfect little boy was placed on my chest with the umbilical cord still attached. That moment was surreal. That moment was raw. That moment was perfect. With tears in my eyes, I realized what my mom meant when she said she loved giving birth.

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Was it messy? Yes.

Was it scary? Yes.

Was it painful? Yes.

Would I do it over and over again? Absolutely.

The moment you meet your baby is the best moment you’ll ever experience. It’s unexplainable. It’s beautiful. It’s miraculous.

The love you have for this perfect little human at that exact moment in time and every moment from that point on is truly indescribable.

No matter what your birth story isnatural, C-section, adoption, medicated, unmedicatedwe can all relate to these feelings.

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Giving birth is honestly an incredible experience that only a mama can understand. I can only hope one day every woman who longs for a child is blessed with a moment like this.

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Sarah Miller

I’m Sarah. My absolute biggest passion in life is being a mom, and I know that was my mom’s passion, as well! My mom passed away when I was 19 and as I get older, I see so many similarities between the two of us. She is my inspiration for all things I do- and I owe everything I am to her. In addition to being a mama to a perfect little man, I am also a wife to the most amazing husband, a dog mom to two cuddly pups, and a special education teacher. I also have a passion for decorating and cooking. I enjoy designing custom chalkboards for both home decorating and for events such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. In fact, I have contributed in some way to at least a dozen events and planned/hosted a few events on my own. That’s me in a nutshell!