I have always been a glass half full type of girl. There were times I was even a bit obnoxious about finding the sunny side of things. 

Then 2020 came along and tipped my glass and left a mess. 

My kids ran home from the bus stop with all their school belongings in tow one March day, loudly exclaiming that I was their new teacher.


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Canceled 40th birthday trip to Florida with my best friend.


Working at home while teaching three very energetic and unmotivated online students.


Watching the world unravel in sickness and injustice. 


My glass was depleting at a rapid rate, and I desperately looked for something to fill it with. But what? The chaos and uncertainty crept around every corner. 

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Day by day and week by week (actually who could keep track anymore), I began to notice something.

I was seeing the good in all the changes. 

Was it the night I saw the kids sitting in their bedroom enjoying a game of Apples to Apples? Could it be possible that I was hearing giggling instead of fighting?

We laughed hysterically on family Zoom meetings when certain members thought they had to place their mouth near the camera. 

There were long evening walks with the kids on scooters beside us. Not one of us needed to check the time because there was no place to be.

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Movie nights and family dinners replaced the crazy spring nights of the past where we rushed off to ballfields and grabbed fast food.

We were learning to slow down and refill our cups.

If there is one thing we gained from the year 2020, it was resilience. We had to adjust to this new way of life because we had no choice. Trying to make the best of an uncertain time is the first step in adding some depth to your cup. So we raise our less than full glasses to the rest of this wild ride of a year.

 Wherever 2020 may take us, may we have resilience. 

Kristie Reitz

I am a mom of 3 kids and a teacher of the visually impaired in Cranberry Twp, PA.