We were told she wouldn’t make it to 20 weeks.

When she made it, we were told she wouldn’t survive to full-term.

When she survived to full-term, we were told she wouldn’t grow properly.

When she grew, she thrived.

When she thrived, she confused the doctors.

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When the doctors tried to find the science to explain away her defeating all the odds, I had the answers.

God. Prayers. Miracles.

At 10 weeks when I found out about her condition, I prayed.

I gathered my prayer warriors, and we prayed.

Ultrasound after ultrasound, the technician was amazed when she heard the heartbeat.

And ultrasound after ultrasound, I was amazed by my God.

Appointment after appointment, the doctors tried to prepare me for the worst.

And appointment after appointment I clung to this profound truth: God is able.

And He put His power on display all throughout her life.

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From surviving in-utero. To surviving delivery. To surviving her first year.

God has held her every step of the way.

And even had she not made it, God would still be holding her. And her mama.

He would still be good. He would still be able. He would still be perfect.

God is good. All the time–no matter what–God is good.

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Megan Kewaza

Megan Kewaza has been a missionary in Russia, India, and Uganda. She has written curricula, blogs, and articles that highlight trauma-competent caregiving, living out the Christian faith, and motherhood. Her heart is for her readers to feel understood, represented, and accepted. Megan and her Ugandan husband, Emmanuel, share their home in Knoxville, Tennessee with their two children, Josiah and Rebecca. Together, they have founded an organization that seeks to empower Ugandan parents so they can provide for the children in their care. You can learn more at causeuganda.org.

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