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Another post shared that a kid made the honor roll . . . another got straight As . . . and another made the Dean’s List. That’s awesome, and I’m so happy for them, but I got you, other momma.

I know your heart hurts because your kid didn’t make the honor roll, and he likely never will. But this veteran educator has a secret to share.

I see all kinds of learners. I see that kid who barely lifts a finger and gets straight As. Then that kid goes to college and has never had to study before—talk about shock. I see the kid who makes that honor roll every single time.

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And of course, parents should be proud, but grades aren’t everything, momma.

I see your kid, the kid who works his butt off for that C. He knows how to study . . . because he has to. He’s the first to hold the door for that teacher and to say, “I need help.” He’s learned, at a young age, to advocate for his learning and to work hard to earn that grade. He doesn’t “skate by” anything. Nothing comes easily. But he keeps trying.

You celebrate that C, Momma. You take that kid out for ice cream.

Because when a grade is earned through hard work and perseverance, there is a lot more in that grade than just content.

There are tears and hard work. There are lessons some kids don’t get to learn until much later.

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Be proud of the learning that has taken place more than the letter. I’m celebrating your kid right along with you.

Originally published on the author’s Facebook page.

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Bailey Koch

Bailey Koch is an advocate for those who can't easily advocate for themselves in every way. Married to her hottie hubby, whom has survived 5+ suicide attempts, and mom to two teenage boys, the oldest with High Functioning Autism and youngest with Epilepsy, Bailey is passionate about mental health and parenting through the messy realities. Additionally, Bailey is a Doctor of Special Education and works as an instructor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney preparing future special educators to be advocates for the learning of all. Bailey and her husband, Jeremy, have written and published two books. "Never Alone: A Husband and Wife's Journey with Depression and Faith" details their struggles with severe depression and the journey toward understanding their purpose, accepting help, and finding faith. "When the House Feels Sad: Helping You Understand Depression" is written for families, at a child's level, to open up a conversation about the reality of Depression. Follow their journey, the triumphs and the challenges, on Facebook at and Instagram at @anchoringhopeformentalhealth.

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