Two is a storm. It comes with passionate fury, mixed with unpredictable changes, and yet capable of unique and powerful beauty.

The rain may not be constant, but it is certainly frequent. It’s a regular barrage of tiny pounding fists, sometimes hitting the floor sometimes hitting your knees as huge tears roll down angelic cheeks. All because their PB&J is “too spicy” or you told them they couldn’t put a fork in their nose. 

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There is a whirlwind of a constant stream of toys flying through the air, some of them accompanied by infectious laughter and some by the shrill howl of the most anguished of souls. No different than any other storm, the aftermath leaves debris scattered from one end of its path to the othertoys, sippy cups, Goldfish crumbs, shoes, and the diaper they learned to take off all by themselves and hide. 

Two is the deafening thunder of “I do it!” “No!” and “Mine!” Lightning strikes in a violent fury: screaming, kicking, and thrashing.

One moment intense and electrifying and then all of a sudden gone and replaced with a tender child giving you a hug as if they did not just try to destroy the entire house and the last of your sanity with it.

Like a tornado, the damage a 2-year-old can accomplish in a manner of three unsupervised seconds is unparalleled. The dog is left covered in markers, the toilet clogged with a tie-dye ball of mixed up Play-Doh, and every Tupperware bowl and lid has been drummed on and discarded around the kitchen. 

It is wave upon wave of crashing emotions and changing moods. They come one after the other, after the other, after the other. They never seem to stop and the force with which they pummel you leaves both of you bewildered and overwhelmed. 

The beauty of two certainly shines often in breaks in the stormgiant hugs, contagious laughter, the cutest mispronunciations.

But there is also a more profound beauty in the midst of the storm. Because those stormy moments mean something incredible is taking place, and it leaves you breathless as you watch it unfold. Because to witness this storm is an incredible privilege.

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What an awesome thing to get to watch firsthand as a person finds their voice and navigates their heart’s emotions. To see a baby transform into a child right in front of you. To admire how independence replaces helplessness and bravery overtakes timidity. To look on and assist as a curious mind hard at work learns and grows. To be the landing place when the burdens of this person’s world become too much to bear and all they know to do is fall into you.

The chaos, the mess, the fights, they’re all just outward glimpses of an inward transformation.

So hold tight, mama of a 2-year-old. This storm is going to rock your world, but it will bring new strength to you both when the winds die down and the damage is cleared away. You’ll soon discover this storm is nothing to be feared, but something to watch with awestruck wonder at the power and capabilities of your incredible 2-year-old storm.

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Brianna Forsman

Brianna is a pastor's wife and stay-at-home mom to a rambunctious toddler and new baby. As a former preschool teacher, she is a Pixar enthusiast, eats way too many Goldfish crackers, and prefers socks with characters on them (generally mismatched because who really has time to pair socks?). She has loved writing for as long as she can remember, and she always strives to write authentic, humorous, and encouraging pieces. Her greatest passion is to write in a way that supports young moms and reminds them they're not alone in the battles and triumphs of this beautiful road of motherhood.

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