No one told me it would be the last time I saw you or spoke with you. I wasn’t finished needing you yet. There were so many things I needed to learn from you and tell you.
I didn’t say it enough then and now it’s too late.

I love you.
I appreciate you.
I learn from you.
I need you.

From the time I was born until today, I’ve spilled things despite my tidy nature but you never complained. You just grabbed a towel and cleaned it up. For all the times you spent cleaning my messes, I’m grateful.

From the time I could stand on my own, I perched next to you in the kitchen on a stool wanting to make supper and sweet desserts. You never seemed exasperated, you just handed over a tiny apron and a wooden spoon and showed me how. For all the times you let me help you in the kitchen even though I made your work slower and harder, I’m grateful.

From the time I told you about my broken heart in kindergarten when my love chose my best friend as his girlfriend, you never acted condescendingly. Instead, you commiserated with me before reminding me of the One who loves me most. For all the times you allowed me to share my heart and you offered a hug and a listening ear, I’m grateful.

From the time we folded towels together when I was a child to folding newborn laundry as a young mom, you showed me laundry is a simple labor of love. I never once heard you complain about washing our laundry. For all the times you taught me by example to love my family, I’m grateful.

From the time you sent me off with Dad decked out for our dinner theater date to babysitting the grands for us as young parents, you taught me to love my husband. You made me aware of the blessing to be loved by a godly man and how a woman should be treated. You taught me the importance of spending alone time with my spouse. For all the times you modeled how to be a godly wife, I’m grateful.

From the time you helped me bathe my Barbies to the time you helped me wash a real live newborn, you showed me the endless roles of mothers. When I felt overwhelmed as a young mom, you showed up at my doorstep with suitcase in hand. For all the times you came to my rescue as a young mom, I’m grateful.

I watched you more than you ever knew and if I could hug your neck one more time and tell you anything, I’d say “I love you” and list all the reasons why.

I’ll see you later, Mom.

your daughter

Originally appeared on The Farm Wyfe – Amanda Wells


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Amanda Wells

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