One day, when I walk past the guest room, I won’t see books strewn across the floor, writing utensils scattered about, and tiny slips of paper nametags for the baby dolls that my daughters take to “preschool” on rainy Saturdays. 

One day, when I walk into the laundry room I won’t glance into the playroom and see the mess of dinosaur herds, the Barbie village, and the play animals strewn across a make-believe African savanna. 

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One day, there won’t be a bubble machine in the bathtub, or foam letters sticking to the shower wall, or a container of bath color drops sitting on the sink counter. 

One day, the guest room will be neat and tidy and seldom used. 

One day, that playroom will be my own bonus space to use. 

One day, the bathroom will no longer require a bubble machine, and foam letters, and color drops to get kids excited about taking a bath. 

And so, today, I’m not going to let the mess and the clutter drive me crazy. 

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I’m going to ask what the baby dolls learned at pre-school. I’ll look into that playroom filled with toys and be thankful for all the people in our life who bless my kids with fun things throughout the year.

I’ll be sure to cherish the giggles that come from sticking a foam letter to your belly instead of the wall. 

Today I will remind myself of the unique joy that comes from raising children when they are small because I have a feeling that one day when my house is finally in order, I’ll look back and think maybe all that messiness really was OK.  

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Sharon Klump

Sharon Klump lives in Louisville, KY and is mom to three growing kids. She has taught middle school for over 13 years. When she has some spare time she loves working out, reading, and spending as much time as possible with her extended family and friends.

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