How do you eliminate weeds?!

Written by Jennie Nollette


Doesn’t the word make you want to pull your hair out? Gardening is supposed to be relaxing and fun, but when those pesky weeds start popping up I just want to scream!

I mentioned in a previous post how big ours got last year, I cannot let that happen again. They became so big they were completely unmanageable and scary you had to watch where you stepped otherwise they might eat you!

Seriously it could happen.


So now you know one of my many weaknesses, pulling weeds. I know this is something no one likes to do. So what do you do to prevent them?

Look how smart we are, we are watering our weeds! 🙂

In the spring (now), we mulch pretty heavily around our plants but it can be difficult to keep up, especially with the size of our garden. I have a friend who mentioned she uses Preen and is trying a raised garden and another who uses black plastic on her garden. Have you tried any of these options and has anything worked?

Dang weeds are already growing in our garden. Now that I think about it I should have pulled it after I took the photo…opps.

ICK….SCARY!!!! This one needs a shovel taken to it….I have some work to do!

While I am on this rant, I was going to talk about our attempt to save our Apricot trees. I say attempt because we did indeed fail. 

A little background on our trees, we bought our house from my boss.  They lived there for 7 years and never saw one piece of fruit. The first summer we lived there both trees were just busting at the seams with fruit.  We were still settling into our house and didn’t have time to can or dehydrate them, so sadly a majority went to waste.

For the next year we were prepared, only to be disappointed, not one single piece of fruit grew.  This year we wanted to try to prevent the late frost from killing the fruit. So we went out and bought a huge tarp and put it over our tree.

This was an interesting process!  If only you could have been there you would have died of laughter.

The apricot tree under the tarp.

Along with the tarp we also attempted to leave the sprinkler going on the trees throughout the night.  We  heard that  ice forming on the leaves would protect them from the frost.

We went through all this work to one day find all the fruit that was once there is no longer. We are pretty sure there was a frost one night, that just snuck up on us.

We are very sad, but I guess we will try again next year. And maybe there is a small chance we could still get some fruit! We will see.

Lastly, I had a reader ask what we use for “poles” for our peas.  Below is a picture of what my husband made; using 2X4’s and old wire. It was hard to get a picture of it without it being set up.  Once we have that actually in the ground I will take another one!

Happy Gardening!

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  • We’ve used preen, round-up, and weed and feed (for grass), and a weed whacker. With good results, just have to start early in the spring before they grow ginormous! Easier said than done, I know. I saw on Pinterest that straight vinegar works, haven’t tried that yet but I plan to.

    • Cindy, good to know those work! I may have to try a mix of all of them to see what works best! I need to get my butt into the garden and start pulling the weeds before they get out of control! Thanks for the info!!


  • Thanks for responding to the poles for beans. That looks simple enough! I would have planned to go way over board and therefore nothing would have gotten done! 🙂
    We use our grass clippings, but have to be careful this time of the year since most people are spaying their lawns and that can kill the plants. For the bigger gardens, like mine and yours it sounds like, if you don’t have a lot of clippings, check with local mowing companies or kids. They are always looking for a place to go with the clippings. We do a lot of hoeing. Last year we had volunteer pumpkins come up. No idea where they came from. My husband wouldn’t let me pull the nice tall grass or the pumpkins. His theory was that it kept the hoppers from eating our plants. He may have had something there, but they the vines really took over and drove me crazy. We also use round–up. I actually enjoy pulling weeds and find it addicting. They still get out of control by the end of the summer though!

    • Trista, of course! I know how that goes…I always have big plans then they never quite get done! 🙂 That is a great idea, my husband has a student that mows lawns over the summer, I may have to ask him about getting clippings! Your garden sounds so similar to mine…we had volunteer pumpkins come up last year too! Only I was telling my husband not to pull them, mainly because I absolutely love pumpkins. Your husband may be on to something with the hoppers. Round-up is a good one I will add that to my list to try! I just need to stay on top of it so maybe it won’t be so bad in the dead of summer! If I keep repeating it, it will happen right? We will see! 🙂

      • Good luck with it all 🙂 That little rain we got last week sure helped the weeds along! I did plant my tomatoes (16), green peppers (12) and egg plant (4) this week…. cringing a bit. Worried about a frost. My husband is rounding up mineral buckets from his cows to have on hand if the weather looks bad. We will put them over the top. Not sure he can find enough for all those plants. I feel better about it all in a couple weeks! Happy Weeding!