Man. That lady at Kroger’s must have been having an awful day. Why else would she have a drop-kicked a cake that she deemed unsatisfactory for her son’s seventh birthday? For those of you that haven’t heard this story, according to the Detroit Free Press, a mad mom drop kicked a cake after she was not allowed to fix the decorations on the cake she was unsatisfied with. 
Let’s put this into perspective. This month, one lady lost her son to a crocodile attack. Another’s child went through the traumatic  event of being dragged by a gorilla throughout its enclosure. Both of those mothers have been crucified by the media and  other mothers.
This enraged mother flew off the handle at a bakery over a cake that would have later been consumed by the seven-year-old and other little kids, and they probably would not have  paid too much attention to what it looked like. While this is a seemingly innocuous event, this woman will likely be the subject of ridicule soon.
I have had many less then proud moments in public, and although I have never drop-kicked a cake I am sure I’ve done something inappropriate as I am not perfect. No human is. 
The knee-jerk reaction will be to set this woman up on a shameful pedestal and heck, she may very well have that coming. It’s important to remember we do not have the full story here, though. 
Maybe her husband lost his job. Maybe her mother is dying. Maybe she is being pressured by family members to throw her child the perfect party. Maybe her child is medically suffering. While these possibilities do not excuse poor behavior, they do make her situation more understandable. 
And maybe she is just an overprivileged woman throwing a hissy fit in a supermarket bakery. 
We all have bad days. The best takeaway with events like these is to resolve in ourselves to be better people.
We have more pressing matters to attend to than begrudging other humans. Peace and love, people. Peace and love. 

Sarah Pearce

Sarah Elizabeth Pearce is a journalist in west central Illinois. She's a mother, wife, daughter, and sister. She's working to bring an arts council to life in her community in her spare time (that is, the time she's not chasing around an energetic son and playful dog). Whenever she isn't writing - she is cooking, cleaning, or crocheting.