Being a 24-year-old with two children, society always has a way to make it obvious that you might be missing out on more

When I was a little girl, all I knew is that I wanted to be happy. I didn’t have dream jobs, and if I did, I already knew I didn’t want to spend more time than necessary in education.

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I wanted a family. To be a mom. I didn’t expect it to fall into place the way it has, but I am so grateful it did.

Having children young doesn’t mean I’m missing out on the best years of my life.

Believe me, I am living them. I am running after my kids, rolling around playing with them like I am still a child myself. 

There is nothing wrong with having children later in life, there is also nothing wrong with having them earlier.

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We all want certain things from life. I knew early on for me it wasn’t career led, party led or freedom led. Ironically, I feel pretty free where I am in life now. 

My babies are my babies forever now. Even when they’re in relationships, driving, and maybe even have their own children. 

But, by the time my husband and I are in our mid-40s, our children will be old enough to be their own people. We can travel all we want. We can go out for dinners. Always as mom and dad, but we will never feel like we’ve missed out on the best years of our life. 

We have been living fully since 20, until forever. Because nothing brings better years than your children.

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Everyone’s timeline is different and that’s OK. But don’t worry about me, I am definitely not missing out.

Anna-Louise Osborne

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