She stands alone,

Staring at the swelling seas from tired eyes, long void of feeling.

She wonders if anyone would notice if she jumped into the cold, dark abyss of water that tempts her so. Every crashing wave taunts her, whispering to her tormented soul…She hears the sea call out to her.

Staring the precipice in the face she inhales deeply, preparing herself for the cold that will soon engulf her.

She steps closer to the edge and looks toward the sky, saying her final goodbyes. Her attention is caught by a single ray of sun shining down on her.

With that, she retreats from the edge and silences the taunting of the dark abyss, feeling  the sun on her skin and smelling the smell of salt in the air.

She is safe. Today.

Katie Logue

Katie is a Boston to Connecticut transplant trying to captain her and her family in new waters. She is supported by her loving husband Mike, and rambunctious son Jack, with extra amusement provided by their dog Bailey. Katie was educated in the literary arts at Bridgewater State College and has been published on Follow Katie on wordpress at twitter at