“Five kids??”

“You know how this happens don’t you?”

Did you have all five on purpose??”

A head shake and an “I’m so glad I’m not you!”

“I seriously don’t know how you do it!”

This. This is how I do it.

I came home tonight to these sweet two kids playing cards with my dear husband and the stress of sending one to college and another two to high school melted away in a game of Rummy.

Having many kids makes parenting into a super long marathon where I find myself wondering how on Earth I’m going to continue making lunches and checking backpacks and doing all the things so many of my friends are long past doing.

Because marathons are exhausting and that is no joke when you may no longer be in your 30s. 

But the blessings? 

They are no joke either.

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Because I still have to make lunches but I also still get to play cards

I’ll be going to parent-teacher conferences for more years than I care to count.

But these kids still run to hug me when I get home.

I will be carpooling forever and ever amen.

But I also get a few extra years of super cute school concerts and shopping in the toy aisle at Christmas.

I’m not sure how I’m still running any type of bedtime for those who need it . . . I usually fall asleep mid-tuck in these days.

But these last kids can do laundry and make themselves lunch way earlier than their older siblings ever could have.

So if you’re wondering, it is a bit of extra work . . . for a whole lot of extra love.

Never let anyone scare you away from having a big family if you think it might be your jam.

Because despite the struggles, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This post originally appeared on Hiding in the Closet with Coffee by Amy Betters-Midtvedt


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