Have you ever went on vacation & came back home only to find yourself wanting to go back? Of course you have! That’s why it’s a vacation. It’s new, fun, exciting & adventurous! What if we lived life on vacation?

 Whhhhaaatttt? Let me explain…

We just got back from an amazing trip to Idaho. While on our vacation I was in total awe of the gorgeous scenery there. Coming from Texas I wasn’t used to mountains, hiking trails & hills, gorgeous greenery, & all the pretty rivers & lakes. 

While standing on top of Table Rock Boise, almost 3,200 ft. above ground, I was reminded to be appreciative in all things, to love, to live, to laugh, and to be grateful to be alive. That same day, I received news of a friend’s sister who had passed away in a tragic accident. The local news channel that morning reminded me of the horrible things people are capable of & my heart was saddened. 

With all the negativity & pain in this world, I want to live life on vacation! I want to live life everyday refreshed, renewed & excited. I want to live in the moment, taking all the things around me & using them for good. I want to find new & exciting places locally for my family to explore & enjoy. 

A majority of our year is spent traveling. My husband’s professional career means that most of our days are surrounded by people who are different than we are. The roads & rules are different, the language & physical appearance are different, & the food & culture are not USA style! This means opportunity! This is an opportunity for us to live and love on different turf. For years I have embraced this and my appreciation for life and people have been greatly enriched. I was reminded this past week that it’s also important to do this at home – everyday. 

I celebrated my birthday this past week, another year blessed on this earth. I was given another year of opportunity for enrichment & fulfillment in my life. I am eternally grateful for all 365 days of this past year. I am forever grateful for the experiences we have had this past year & for new life, my son Logan. 

I encourage you all to motivate your life to live it vacation style! Meet a new co-worker, head to dinner with a neighbor, make friends at the park, take your family camping in the backyard, load up the car with friends  and road trip, buy cheap wine and  have a girls night, head to the park and watch the sunset, and take a day to yourself! 

Spend your days living life, not just going through the motions. Find small ways each day to make your life feel like a vacation. Live everyday like it’s the best one yet. Live everyday like it could be your last one. Make everyday count; make every encounter count, every smile, every hug, and every interaction. Be kind, be humble, and be happy! Forgive & let go. 

May this next week be the start of a new attitude & a new outlook on your life. I hope all of you find small ways to make your world the best vacation ever!

Morgan Williams

Hi! My name is Morgan Williams & I am currently a stay at home mama to my son Logan. I am married to Lorenzo & we travel Europe for his professional basketball career. In my free time, I enjoy fitness & blogging about life, love, & travel. I also participate in women's bible study & some great charitable organizations. Thanks for reading!