I read all the articles titled, “Marry the man who does” . . . 

The articles list out all the wonderful loving things the man you look to marry should do as a husband and a father.

My heart warms and sometimes I send those to my husband with little notes of thanks because I married that exact loving husband and father.

I recently began to think back, I didn’t know he would be this man when we met.

I didn’t know he would be this man when we said, “I do.”

I didn’t know the boy I fell in love with would be the kind of man who gets up in the middle of the night with the baby so I can sleep.

I didn’t know the boy I loved would turn into the man who ties pink bows in little girls’ hair and attempts his best efforts at a braid any time a sweet little girl requests.

I didn’t know the boy I loved would be the man who packs little lunches without hesitation, writing fun things with sharpie on apple sauce cups.

I didn’t know he would be the kind of man who would change diapers, mix bottles, have tea parties, read stories, and attend class field trips.

How could I know, we were young, neither of us even wanted kids. We were kids ourselves—masquerading as adults. How could I have known I was marrying the man who would be the best example of a selfless loving father I have ever seen?

I just knew he was a boy who made me feel on top of the world when he looked at me.

I knew he was a boy who made me feel flushed when he smiled my direction.

He was a boy I wanted to never live a day without.

Truthfully, I didn’t focus on the man he would become.

Sometimes you don’t always have to look for the one who shows he will do all the things, sometimes you just go with the one who makes your heart happy.

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Stacey Tadlock

Stacey Tadlock is working wife, mother, photographer, writer, and cleft and infertility awareness advocate. She is married to her college sweetheart and they have two daughters. Stacey is the writer and creator behind Faithfully Failing where she provides encouragement through scripture and life lessons for those times in life you feel like you are failing in faith, marriage, or motherhood. She hopes through her words women are reminded that no matter your failures God’s grace covers it all. Every day is a new day to glorify Him and a new day to conquer yesterday’s failure with His unyielding grace