They say the days are long, but the years are short in the trenches of motherhood. As moms, our days are spent making snacks, wiping faces, and refereeing sibling squabbles. The messes seem endless, the noise at full level, and the work is often thankless. We give hugs, kiss boo-boos, and answer questions on repeat, often feeling drained and ready to crash at the end of each day.

Some days I find myself watching the clock, waiting for that magical hour when I will no longer be alone in the chaos but joined by another capable adult who can take up the mantle and add another set of helping hands. I long for nothing more than a moment to catch my breath.

But this capable adult and set of helping hands is so much more.

He is my beloved, my groom, my best friend.

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I recall the days when I wanted nothing more than to kiss and reconnect with my husband at the end of a long day.

But somewhere in the mayhem of parenthood, my focus shifted.

I am ready to hand the kids off and take a minute to breathe or tackle the house that has been neglected all day. Many days, my tired body and drained spirit desire respite above reconnection and I wonder where the passion went.

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Friend, I know the temptation to neglect him is there. This season of parenthood is hard, and you are both so tired. I know it is hard to connect when you are interrupted every 30 seconds by a little person who needs you.

However, when you are tempted to see him only as a daddy and no longer as a husband, take a second to remember.

Remember why you fell in love with him.

Focus on why you love him at this moment. Appreciate the ways he provides for and protects your family. Value the way he loves your children. Be grateful for the way he loves Jesus. And treasure the way he loves you.

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In the midst of the chaos of motherhood, the days are indeed long. Fall into his arms at the end of the days that zap you of all energy. He was your first love before your little loves. Don’t forget that. Because the days may be long, but the years are short.

May we not look back at the end of our parenting years and see we have grown apart from our husbands, but instead that we are closer than we ever have been before. Make these years count.

Treasure your husband in the midst of the chaos.

You won’t regret it.

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Stephanie Roberts

Stephanie is a writer and the founder of Be the Village, a nonprofit that serves foster and adoptive families in Kentucky. She is a happily outnumbered boy mama, doing life with her husband Brad and her two sons August and Gideon. Stephanie writes about the journey of raising her tribe at as well as on Facebook and Instagram @raisingtherobertstribe. She uses her platform to encourage moms to say yes to the unique calling that God has given them even in the busyness of motherhood.