You know the story:

Beautiful princess meets handsome prince.

They fall in love. 

Handsome prince declares his love for beautiful princess . . . and steps out of the silver screen to propose marriage to his real-life love in an adorable, insanely clever proposal that’s taken the internet by storm. 

In the version starring Boston couple Lee Loechler and Dr. Sthuthi David, that’s the way it plays, and it’ll make you wonder who’s cutting onions in the room.

Loechler, a Boston filmmaker, worked on animating his own version of the pivotal “Prince Charming kisses Sleeping Beauty” scene for six months. Instead of the Disney characters, we see a likeness of David and Lee on screen—and when cartoon-Lee pulls out a shiny diamond ring, we all know what happens next.

Lee gets down on one knee in front of David in the theater and opens a ring box. 

“I love you with my whole heart, including all of its ventricles, atriums, valves . . . she’s a cardiologist,” he says as the other moviegoers—actually the couples’ friends and family and were all in on the plan—laugh. “Sthuthi David, M.D., will you live happily ever after with me?” 


She says yes, and as the couple embraces, “Once Upon a Dream” plays as Disney characters dance and fireworks explode above the castle on the movie screen. 

Watch the proposal here, and try not to turn into mush: 


And it definitely seems like Loechler was able to pull off his grand proposal as a complete surprise to his high school sweetheart. “I thought there was something wrong with the movie!” David cries as he laughs. 

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The gilded on-screen book closes on screen with the words “The Beginning” scrawled across, and just as we think it’s all over, color bars flash and the alternate ending rolls . . . because what if she’d said no?! 

The sobbing Seven Dwarves weep as the room laughs—because after everything that went into the planning and execution of this proposal, there’s no way the answer could have ever been no.

Here’s to a happily ever after for the adorable couple!

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