I never dreamed of living on a farm or running a tractor or owning land.

I never dreamed of growing crops or building grain bins.

I never dreamed of passing it all on to the next generation.

I never used to have these desires in my heart.

But I fell in love with a man with those passions and dreams, and somewhere along the way when I wasn’t quite looking, they became mine, too.

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It’s hard not to be passionate about something when you see the love and passion in your husband’s eyes.

The way he goes after his goals each day. It might not always be easy, but he works hard toward his dreams every day.

It’s hard to be in love with someone and not their passions and goals, too.

It doesn’t mean I’m not also my own person with my own hopes and dreamsour passions have just been united and have become ours. Both working together toward the same ultimate goals and dreams. A united front. 

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It doesn’t mean we have the same personality or always the same likes or interests, but we do hold dear the things we are both individually passionate about. 

But I did, I fell in love with the view. 

I was eager to learn about farming and ask a hundred questions.

To learn to drive a tractor.

To support him any way I could.

Dedicated to owning land and hopefully passing it on to our future children.

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It might not be farming. Your husband’s passion may not be my husband’s. It may be flipping houses or owning his own business or fighting fires or fixing brains or teaching students or a hundred other things. 

But somewhere along the way, I bet it has become your passion, too. You may not be out there on the forefront actively involved every day. But you ask all the questions, you support, you care, you cheer him on from the sidelines, and most importantly you pray. 

You see that fire burning in his eyes, and it lights a flame in yours. His passions have become our passions. 

Nicole Burke

I’m a newlywed and new farm wife living with my husband in rural northern Illinois. In addition to helping on the farm, I also work an off the farm job doing content marketing for my family’s John Deere dealership. I enjoy sharing all things farm life, faith, marriage and lifestyle! To find out more, visit me on Instagram or my blog at Midwest Farm Wifey!