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Marry the man who does without asking. The guy who cleans the coffee pot every night so you have a warm cup when you wake. The guy who stops and helps bring in the groceries and puts them away. The guy who takes the yard work seriously and shares the load with you. The guy who vacuums when you’re done dusting and is a boss at making three beds in record time.

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Marry the guy who will be the dad of your family. The dad who plays without checking his phone. The dad who invents the silliest games and may later regret how fun because the kids will want to play it over and over again. The dad who carries the sleeping toddler to bed. The dad who comes to the doctor’s appointments. The dad who transfers from conference calls to tea parties in an instant.

Marry the man who looks at you with adoration when you haven’t showered all day. The man who marvels at your abilities with pride in who you are. The man who wants to give your family everything and does the best he can. Marry the guy who replaces that toilet paper roll without being asked. 

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I’ve gotten flowers, and I love getting them, don’t stop. I have special jewelry I wear and clutch knowing it was given to me with love.

At the end of the day, I love the man who does all these things and more. I am grateful he asked me to marry him. 

On my anniversary, with love.

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Rebecca Barker

Rebecca Barker is a mom of two amazing kids. She loves to motivate mothers via her blog @BeBraveMom through positive pep talks and mom motivation, encouraging others to define themselves and own their own journey. 

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