Hey mama,

Don’t you sometimes find yourself longing for those days when your babies won’t be tiny babies forever? 

Do you ever sit and wonder if all of your efforts are in vain? Are you instilling what’s MOST important into their little hearts?

You longed for this time in your life for so long, and now it’s here and it seems like all you do is drown in unfinished tasks. Some days, it seems like the list of things to do is never-ending. 

Aren’t those exactly the lies we hear from Satan every single day? 

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See here’s the thing, mama, those precious babies see what you do each and every single day, and they need you. They won’t remember the unfinished tasks that linger around day after day. They won’t remember all of the chaos of getting ready to go somewhere and mama losing her cool because it’s like we’re at a live circus right inside our own home. 

BUT they will remember all of those days you’ve prayed for them and with them, those times you’ve held them just because they needed an extra cuddle at that moment, or those songs you sang to them all hours of the night just because they were scared. 

Don’t lose sight, mama.

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This is a scheme of Satan. He wants to steal our joy right inside the walls of our own home. He wants us to be so consumed in our everyday duties that we lose sight of what really matters in life. 

God gave us the children we have, and He is trusting us to raise them. To honor Him and edify His holy name.

The most important task we have laid before us begins right inside our own home.

There will come a day we wish we could have these moments back with our babies. So today, even as hard as it may get, let’s just thank the Lord for them.

I pray today, mama, that you’ll find rest in the Lord’s grace. His mercy is new every single day.

Kaela Ward

My name is Kaela Ward. I am a 27 year-old Christian. Also, a wife of five years—the good Lord has blessed us with three beautiful babies.