To the momma who just saw more than one heartbeat fluttering on the screen.

To the momma who just found out there are multiple babies starting a life inside her.

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To the momma who moments ago was sitting on a table waiting patiently.

This life, this new, exciting, scary, soon-to-be adventurous life you’ve just jumped into headfirst is going to rock your world.

You’re going to be scared, but the excitement is going to outweigh that.

You’re going to be tiredoh, so tiredbut the kisses are gonna make you forget it.

You’re going to question every single thing you know and do. But you’re going to be the best momma for those babies.

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You’re going to be pushed way farther than what you think you can handle. But the smiles are going to bring you back.

So, momma, embrace the scary, soak up the joy, push away the doubt, and never question it because you were made for this life, you were made for these babies, and the best is truly yet to come!

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Becky  Phelps 

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